Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jump, jump, jump

Imagine yourself going to a dance club on Friday night. Having a drink, talking to your friends or meeting new people. Imagine dancing on the floor, lights playing with your senses. Now imagine the floor and lights connected in a circle, and the power for these lights provided by YOU. It's your movements that produce the electricity!

The creators of the Sustainable Dance Club in the Netherlands had this vision and made it happen: in Rotterdam. WATT, the first SDC was opened in 2008 - so if you're visiting Rotterdam, don't forget to check it out!

The idea of the Sustainable Energy Floor is to use human power to produce electricity where lots of people are gathering. It's composed by a number of modules, as big as 75x75x20 cm, that contain an internal generator. The size and the shape of the design can be customized, according to the preferences of the customers.

It has already been visiting places all over the world, for example San Francisco, Hamburg, Miami, Jakarta, Vancouver, Toulouse, Australia, Rio de Janeiro... Here's a video showing how the Dance Floor and other concepts like that were applied at a Rock Festival in Rio.

If you're wondering if there's a SDC near your place, maybe you can find some more information here.

I am pretty amazed how creative people can be. It's only another example that the solutions to our energy issues are sometimes right under our nose - or our feet ;) Next time I will be writing about sustainable fitness clubs and the concepts that are used there...

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